RomScan: an Online RetroArch Playlist Generator

Google Chrome is STRONGLY recommended.

This web app is capable of creating playlists for use with any version of Retroarch

Retroarch Playlist Generator will calculate the crc32 of the files it scans for correct multiplayer in emulators, and correct cover/artwork resources downloads in the RetroArch interface.

It runs entirely on your system no data apart the file list is sent to the server, HOWEVER that may rapidly change in future updates to a totally server less WebApp.

You can already install it as a Progressive Web App, if you're running it from Chrome(no matter if it's on desktop or Android version

For bug-reports and everything else, leave a message to: darkdonut.one@gmail.com

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Version : 0.1.c

models insertion limited to avoid lockups on huge file list scan

    Version : 0.1.b

    animation added, scan performance increased

      Version : 0.1.a

      first version, much left to do